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Developing Future Leaders: Nurturing Talent Within

In a highly complex and volatile business environment, growing expectations of talent from companies, availability of plethora of opportunities for talent, battle for talent is becoming extremely difficult. 

Companies are investing heavily on talent to build future leaders across levels. Those with strong commitment towards developing leaders, structured talent development processes and robust execution have significant competitive advantage over others. 

At GTFL, we believe that there is immense potential in people and if provided with the right environment, resources and opportunities they thrive and deliver exceptional results. We have a series of initiatives around developing leaders from within, few of our high impact interventions are:

  1. Right Person on Right Role (RPoRR) – RPoRR initiative aims to develop leaders, we identify critical leadership roles and potential leaders, assess their development areas through various assessments, stakeholders feedbacks and observations. Top team invests lot of time with talent to arrive at the development plans which are periodically reviewed. The developmental competencies are strengthened through on the job projects, cross functional projects, stretch assignments, coaching (internal /external), mentoring by seniors, external training programs, sponsored education, exposure to overseas markets and customers, presentations in conferences, opportunity to shadow other leaders etc.


  1. Individual Development Plan (IDP) – Junior and Middle management employees who are Hi performers, Hi potential and critical talent undergo IDP initiative. It starts with identifying the areas where they need to be developed (technical and behavioural) through past performance feedbacks and competency gaps, inputs from various instruments, 360 feedback, etc. and planning series of interventions to build the talent further on those areas. 

  1. Human Process Labs Program: Human Process Labs aims to create safe space for individuals where they can re-explore themselves, know more about themselves, understand why they are the way they are, how they interact with others and how they can further enhance their effectiveness in personal and professional lives, share their limiting emotions and beliefs. This awareness enables them to be more effective at personal and professional front both.  While it’s a self-exploratory session, we also talk about “System Interface” which is specifically about “I vs others” or “I vs Team”. Few perspectives about- how do we see myself when in connection with team vis a vis how do I perceive team when I am in need to work with them. These perspectives gives a lot of introspection and lead to some desired changes to participant’s behaviour.


We strongly believe that our signature programs and various other initiatives around investing in leaders at all levels, will keep us competitive and on track in the journey of enhancing human capital. These are crucial for our long-term success and sustainable growth and will go a long way in strengthening GTFL culture, building a workforce which is agile, adapts well, thinks new and novel, innovates and supports the company to achieve long-term success.

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