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GLA University Offers B. Tech CSE Specializations with a Futuristic Vision .

GLA University offers B. Tech CSE Specializations in emerging technologies like Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity & Forensics, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, etc. These technologies are the future, and so are the programs offered by GLAU.   

Emerging technologies are shaping our world with unprecedented advancements. These innovations, from artificial intelligence and machine learning to Blockchain, virtual reality, and 5G, are revolutionizing industries and transforming how we live, work, and communicate. 

AI and machine learning enhance automation and decision-making, while Blockchain ensures secure and transparent transactions. Virtual reality opens up immersive experiences and training opportunities, while 5G enables lightning-fast connectivity and empowers the Internet of Things. 

These technologies have immense potential to solve complex problems, drive economic growth, and create new possibilities in healthcare, finance, transportation, and beyond. As they continue to evolve, embracing and understanding these emerging technologies is crucial for staying competitive and embracing a future full of opportunities.

Keeping the future in mind, GLA University has designed industry-centric B. Tech CSE Specializations in collaboration with tech leaders like IBM, Intel, NEC, etc. 

A B. Tech in Computer Science Engineering specializing in emerging technologies holds immense significance in today’s digital age. Such programs equip students with a deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things, and cloud computing. 

A B. Tech CSE degree with specialization prepares aspirants to tackle the challenges and harness the opportunities presented by these transformative innovations. Graduates with these specializations are sought after by industries at the forefront of technological advancements, including software development, data analytics, cybersecurity, and research. 

Their expertise in emerging technologies enables them to drive innovation, develop ground-breaking solutions, and contribute to developing a technologically advanced society.         

GLA University offers B. Tech CSE specializations in the following emerging technologies:

Advantages of Pursuing B. Tech CSE in Emerging Technologies 

Pursuing a B. Tech in Computer Science Engineering specializing in emerging technologies offers numerous career advantages. This program provides students a competitive edge by equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the rapidly evolving tech industry. 

Graduates with this specialization are in high demand as companies seek professionals well-versed in cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, Blockchain, and cybersecurity. They have broader career options, including software development, data science, cloud computing, and IoT roles. Moreover, their specialized expertise opens doors to exciting research and development opportunities, entrepreneurial ventures, and leadership positions, offering a promising and rewarding career trajectory.   

How does GLA University prepare students for an IT career?

Innovation Cell, E-cell, and NewGen IEDC to seed start-up ideas 

Faculty members drew for premier places like IITs, NITs, and IIMs

Fully advanced computer labs for hands-on training   

Facility to access e-content to empower digital learning

Phenomenal on-campus placements in top-notch companies

Industrial labs in association with names like Siemens & Honeywell Automation

Collaborations with tech leaders like IBM, Intel, and NEC

About GLA University  

GLA University, Mathura, is accredited with the coveted NAAC A+ Grade with a score of 3.46 out of 4, the highest in India amongst all the NAAC A+ Accredited state and private universities. It has 12B status from UGC; and is approved by UGC, AICTE, PCI, NCTE, and BCI.  

GLAU is well recognized for its industry-ready curriculum, contemporary pedagogy, and research excellence. It has signed MoUs with more than 200 national-international 

universities and industries. GLAU has been bestowed with a membership of the Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP) and the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). 

GLA University offers multidisciplinary education in Engineering, Management, Pharmacy, Education, Biotechnology, Polytechnic, Applied Science & Humanities, Education, Commerce, Agriculture Science, and Law. The University is home to over 15,000 students and 630+ well-qualified, experienced faculty members, has more than 110 acres of verdant campus, and boasts more than 36,000 alumni worldwide.