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Regal Kitchen RTC Tomato Makhni Base Gravy Review

With its rich, velvety texture and complex flavors, Regal Kitchen Desi Swad’s Tomato Makhani Base Gravy truly lives up to its reputation as a premium ready-to-cook product. As one of the brand’s bestselling items, this versatile base allows home cooks to easily recreate the iconic makhani gravy that is a staple of North Indian cuisine. This gravy has a shelf time of two years and can be stored in room temperature till it is not opened. Once open, It has to be used within three days.

Upon opening the packing, the heavenly aroma immediately hits your nose – earthy spices like cumin and warming fenugreek mingled with sweet, sun-ripened tomatoes. One can instantly tell that real, high-quality ingredients went into crafting this gravy base. The consistency is smooth and luxurious, coating the spoon thickly as you scoop it out. Flavors of garlic, ginger, and onion come through initially, laying a foundation of savory-sweet depth.

Though the gravy is already well-balanced on its own, it comes alive when sautéed with homemade paneer, chicken or soya chunks. The meat or vegetable soaks up the gravy beautifully, resulting in a rich, buttery dish reminiscent of the makhani curries found at upscale Indian restaurants. Because the base contains no preservatives, the fresh tomato flavor shines and lets the whole spices pop.

Beyond classic butter chicken or paneer makhani, this base gravy can be used to make all kinds of inventive dishes. Try adding dried fenugreek leaves for a more complex taste. Or finish with a swirl of heavy cream for an ultra-luscious lababdar. Regal Kitchen’s makhani base works equally well for vegetarian recipes using tofu, chickpeas or lentils. The possibilities are endless.

For busy home cooks to HoReCa chefs, this ready-to-cook product is a real timesaver, convenient and affordable. The product is refrigerator-friendly and lasts for a long time when stored properly, so you can always have gourmet Indian food at your fingertips. Simply thaw, simmer with your protein and veggies of choice, and serve over basmati rice or naan for an incredible weeknight meal.

With its authentic restaurant-quality flavor in a fuss-free format, Regal Kitchen Desi Swad’s Tomato Makhani Base Gravy receives my highest recommendation. This top-notch ready-to-cook product will add rich, luxurious Indian cuisine to your dinner table anytime.

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