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Top 15 Rising Indian Startups in 2023 Making Huge Difference

Every day, new startups are emerging, and India consistently establishes its presence in the startup scene with innovative and promising ventures. In the thriving landscape of India’s rising startups, these 15 companies are at the forefront of contributing to the nation’s economic growth. Spyro International excels in consultancy services, while Orange Vtech Private Limited pioneers web hosting solutions at SiteCountry. Tathastu Punyaphall connects individuals with their dreams through holistic services. JSK Innovative Technology Pvt Ltd and Bluemorph Brands Private Limited navigate the wearables and technology markets, respectively. Nil Herbal focuses on holistic health solutions, while Swadeshi Natural Products champions organic and chemical-free consumables. VIQ Infotech Private Limited contributes to the tech sector’s evolution. Ozone LYF Private Limited stands out in manufacturing dead body freezers and kitchen equipment. Flats.Guru simplifies real estate transactions, and POSHAQ, founded by Atifa Akbar, offers diverse fashion choices. AIMAH Tours specializes in personalized Hajj and Umrah packages. Ayaan Kitchen dominates commercial kitchen equipment manufacturing, and Tunez redefines the smart audio accessories sector. These startups collectively showcase India’s economic vibrancy, offering innovative solutions across diverse industries. Brought to you by MSG24x7, visit to explore more about these rising stars and the vibrant Indian startup ecosystem.


Spyro International:

Spyro International, a distinguished consultancy, has garnered three national awards for its excellence in HR, Applied Psychology, Study Abroad, and Construction Services. Headquartered in culturally rich Chunakara, Kerala, with strategic offices in Chennai, Kochi, and Bangalore, Spyro holds ISO 9001:2015 certification, ensuring top-notch services.

Led by CEO Dr. Patrick Anthony, Ph.D., Spyro prioritizes trust, transparency, and professionalism. From comprehensive HR solutions to tailored Applied Psychology services, Study Abroad assistance, and expert Construction and Building Services, Spyro’s commitment to excellence is unwavering. Join us on the journey to success at, where we redefine consultancy with innovation and dedication.



Started in the year 2023 under the esteemed parent company, Orange House Pvt Ltd. Bookalooza is a groundbreaking platform – empowering students to unleash their creativity, write, publish, and earn a 10% royalty on every sale of their books. Recognized for its outstanding contributions, Bookalooza recently clinched the prestigious Precedential Awards 2023, presented by the esteemed Padma Shri Dr. Deepa Malik, a true icon in parasports embodying the spirit of “everything is possible.” Founded by the visionary Ankur Gupta, also at the helm of the Orange House, and co-founded by Deepak Garg of Vir Softech Pvt. Ltd., Bookalooza stands as a testament to innovation and literary excellence. Bookalooza isn’t just a platform; it’s a creative ecosystem boasting over 10,000+ in-built templates, AI writing assistance, and expert book reviews by our editors. With a commitment to nurturing the next generation of authors, we provide a dynamic space where imagination knows no bounds. As we pave the way for aspiring writers, our platform becomes a launchpad for literary dreams. Join Bookalooza in reshaping the future of publishing – one where every student has the opportunity to shine and thrive in the world of words. The website is


Tathastu Punyaphall:

Welcome to Tathastu Punyaphall, a community rooted in the transformative power of good karma. At the heart of our philosophy is a commitment to connect with you, understand your dreams, and offer insightful solutions. Our experienced practitioners, in collaboration with tried-and-tested service partners, deliver result-oriented services in Numerology, Vastu Parikshan, Vedic Astrology, Tarot Reading, Hypnotherapy & PLR, and Financial Well-Being.

Life is a tapestry of choices, and we empower you to make informed decisions, embracing your unique destiny. Tathastu Punyaphall combines ancient wisdom with modern techniques, providing holistic support for your journey to fulfillment. Visit to unlock the mysteries of your past, embrace the present, and step into a future of infinite possibilities.


JSK Innovative Technology:

JSK Innovative Technology Pvt Ltd, Brand name as JSK URJA Emerges as the Leading Indian Manufacturer of Dimmable LED Drivers & powerhouse in LED Dimmable driver production, holding BIS Certification as well as ISO 9001:2015 certification. Rapidly advancing, we specialize in crafting top-tier Dimmable Drivers, including Phase Cut, Analog (0-10, 1-10), and Dali Compatible Drivers for various home automation systems. Additionally, we manufacture dimmers for LED Strips, converting non-dimmable SMPS to dimmable ones for cost-effectiveness. Our dedication to innovation is fueled by a proficient R&D team with expertise in electronics and semiconductors. JSK URJA’s products showcase cutting-edge technology, outstanding performance, efficiency, and reliability. Stringent testing in our advanced laboratory ensures that our product models can be customized to meet our customers’ specific needs. JSK URJA stands as a symbol of excellence, seamlessly blending innovation with reliability in the realm of LED dimmable drivers. The brands website is


Bluemorph Brands Pvt Ltd:

Bluemorph Brands ( with its smart wearables brand “Nervfit” is on a mission to be the top players in smart wearables segment by 2026. Connectivity lies at the heart of the Nervfit experience. Nervfit smart watches are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring seamless connectivity and tracking. The intuitive user interface ensures that you can navigate effortlessly, putting the power of technology at your fingertips. Recognising the untapped potential in the wearables market, Nervfit focuses on creating innovative, high-quality products with a customer-centric approach.

In the spotlight is their latest smart watch models Nervfit Intense and Nervfit Kinetic Pro, as well as AMOLED series Orion S1 and Maverick, both launching in next few days. Founders Sanjay and Piyush suggests that these watches will change how customer perceives and uses smartwatch today. With deeper level of AI integration in the works Nervfit will soon launch its range of Deep AI watches that will totally revolutionise the utility of AI voice commands. 


At the centre is Nervfit’s commitment to enhancing lives without compromising on quality, prioritizing accurate information, trust, and a delightful customer experience.

Nervfit official store is at and it is also available on Amazon and Flipkart.


Nil Herbal:

Established in 2010 by Mr. Harish Devarkar, Nil Herbal, an ISO 9001:2015 and WHO GMP certified company, has pioneered de-addiction for 13 years. With over 500 centers across India, we’ve helped thousands break free from addiction. Focused on Ayurveda’s core values, we develop herbal products for chronic diseases. The brands website is

As India’s most trusted ayurvedic company, we produce quality medicines targeting disease roots. Our vision is to be an Ayurveda-rooted research company for chronic diseases and auto-immune conditions.

Beyond “Nasha Mukti,” we’ve ventured into joint pain, asthma, piles, diabetes, weight management, and constipation solutions. Nil Herbal aims to be a respected name in preventive healthcare. Explore products like Weight Loss Churna, Arshoghn Churna, and Diaboman on our journey to a healthier nation.


Swadeshi Natural Products:

Discover a sanctuary of health at Swadeshi Natural Products, where we redefine your well-being with a commitment to complete health restoration. Our array of organic and natural household consumables is a testament to our dedication to chemical-free living.

From Chemical-Free Groceries to Organic Grocery Products and Natural Farming items, every product is thoughtfully curated to prioritize your health. Bid farewell to harmful additives and embrace a world where nature’s goodness thrives in every bite. The brands website is

Indulge in the authenticity of our Desi Ghee, crafted through traditional methods and sourced from the finest ingredients. At Swadeshi Natural Products, we aren’t just a brand; we’re your partners on a journey towards a healthier, conscious lifestyle. Experience the joy of nurturing your health naturally with Swadeshi Natural Products—your complete health restore.



In an era where digital presence is not just an option but a necessity, SiteCountry, founded by Aditya Shrivastava, has emerged as a beacon of innovation and reliability in the web hosting industry. SiteCountry began its journey with a clear vision: to empower individuals, startups, and small businesses by providing them with affordable, reliable, and high-performance web hosting solutions. Being completely bootstrapped, it faced the giants of the industry, not with immense capital, but with ingenuity, determination, and a deep understanding of its customers’ needs. Proudly, based in India, SiteCountry retains its independence, which allows it to make swift decisions, innovate rapidly, and stay closely aligned with its users’ needs. As the SiteCountry looks to the future, it remains committed to its mission of empowering more entrepreneurs, creators, and innovators. With plans to introduce even more groundbreaking hosting solutions, SiteCountry is not just keeping pace with the digital evolution; it’s driving it. Join us at and experience web hosting excellence that evolves with your needs.



In the bustling landscape of technological advancements, a new beacon of innovation has emerged: VIQ Infotech Private Limited. Specializing in a myriad of business solutions, VIQ leverages the power of Virtual Intelligence Quotient (VIQ) to streamline operations and revolutionize the way enterprises navigate complex administrative tasks.

At the core of VIQ’s offerings is a comprehensive suite encompassing GST Returns, E-Invoicing, ERP Solutions, E-way Bills, Integrated Solutions, Cloud Solutions, HR Management, and Office Management, ERP Customizations. What sets VIQ apart is its seamless integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI), empowering businesses to optimize workflows and enhance efficiency across various domains.

The term ‘VIQ’ encapsulates the essence of the company’s ethos—a fusion of Virtual Intelligence that learns and adapts to business intricacies while providing an elevated quotient of expertise and assistance.

VIQ’s commitment to innovation is evident in its AI-driven solutions that not only automate processes but also offer predictive analytics, enabling proactive decision-making. This amalgamation of technology and foresight has positioned VIQ as a frontrunner in the realm of business augmentation. The Brand’s website is

Moreover, VIQ’s emphasis on cloud-based systems ensures accessibility, scalability, and security, catering to diverse organizational needs while maintaining robust data protection measures.

As businesses navigate the demands of a rapidly evolving marketplace, VIQ Infotech Pvt. Ltd. stands as a stalwart ally, empowering enterprises to harness the potential of technology-driven intelligence and thrive in an era of digital transformation.


FLATS.GURU:, the brainchild of Mr. Hitesh Chhabra from Chhabra Properties, is a trailblazing initiative poised to revolutionize the real estate landscape. With a decade of invaluable experience in the industry, Hitesh Chhabra introduces as a platform designed to streamline property transactions and redefine the concept of home acquisition.

At the core of lies its primary mission: to simplify and enhance the property buying experience for individuals. Leveraging Chhabra’s profound knowledge and insights acquired through years of navigating the real estate domain, offers an extensive array of properties tailored to diverse preferences and budgets. The brand’s website is

What distinguishes is its innovative fusion of Hitesh Chhabra’s seasoned expertise with cutting-edge technology. The platform boasts a user-friendly interface that not only showcases a comprehensive listing of properties but also provides detailed insights into market trends, enabling informed decision-making for potential buyers.

Moreover, is not just a property listing portal; it’s a reliable advisor and guide. Backed by Chhabra’s decade-long experience, the platform offers personalized consultations, guiding clients through every step of their property journey—from initial exploration to final acquisition., under the astute leadership of Hitesh Chhabra, marks a paradigm shift in the real estate sector. It doesn’t merely facilitate transactions; it fosters trust, transparency, and reliability, ensuring that each individual finds their ideal home effortlessly in this dynamic and competitive market.



With a mission to make high-quality building products affordable, OZONE LYF PRIVATE LIMITED emerges as a trailblazer in the construction industry. Envisioning global roofing and panel solutions by 2035, the company is steadfast in its commitment to becoming the premier brand in Kerala for roofs and panels. Founded on core values of commitment, innovation, futurism, agility, and unity, OZONE LYF has achieved significant milestones, including being the top supplier of roofing sheets, plywood, and panels in Kerala. Led by visionaries Muhammed Faisal, Shereef EP, and Ummer Kutty, the company boasts a diverse clientele across construction, architecture, government, real estate, and more. Their ISO-certified and environmentally conscious practices set them apart, ensuring a sustainable and high-quality approach to building solutions. Explore their transformative offerings at and witness a revolution in the construction landscape.



Introducing Poshaq, the brainchild of entrepreneur Atifa Akbar, founder of a successful skincare brand. Launched in July 2023, Poshaq is not just a clothing brand; it’s a movement reflecting Atifa’s dedication and work ethic that turns everything she touches into gold.

Specializing in a range from bridal wear to Luxurious Prets, Poshaq is an epitome of elegance and style. While currently operating online at, Atifa envisions the brand expanding to physical stores in the future. The brand logo, a symbol of Poshaq’s essence, has been thoughtfully crafted and showcases the commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Atifa’s success story continues with Poshaq, a testament to her ability to create flourishing ventures. Stay tuned as Poshaq becomes a household name, redefining fashion with every stitch.



AIMAH Tours:

Crafting Unforgettable Pilgrimages! Embark on a spiritual journey with AIMAH Tours, a brand dedicated to offering exceptional Hajj and Umrah packages. What sets us apart? Our commitment to crafting personalized itineraries tailored to your preferences, ensuring a unique and fulfilling experience. With a Best Price Guarantee based on scheduled departures, we encourage early bookings to secure your seats for this sacred pilgrimage.

Our strength lies in our team of expert local guides who share valuable insights, fascinating stories, and lead you off the beaten path to discover hidden gems. Keeping our tour groups small ensures an intimate, immersive experience, fostering meaningful connections, and allowing personalized attention to every traveler. The loyalty of our return travelers and the referrals they bring speak volumes about the special experiences AIMAH Tours provides. Join us at for a pilgrimage that goes beyond the ordinary, creating memories that last a lifetime.


Ayaan Kitchen:

Crafting Culinary Excellence! Established in 2012, Ayaan Kitchen stands as the epitome of expertise in commercial kitchen designing and planning. As the leading manufacturer of commercial kitchen equipment in Hyderabad, Ayaan Kitchen has garnered trust through its reliable fabrication and dedication to quality. Specializing in offering complete solutions for various catering needs, from hotels and restaurants to fast-food chains and bakeries, Ayaan Kitchen is renowned for its customized approach. Notably, it proudly holds the title of “THE LARGEST MANUFACTURER OF DEAD BODY FREEZERS”, underlining its diverse capabilities. With a team rich in experience, Ayaan Kitchen is fully equipped to cater to any volume of kitchen requirements. For all your hospitality needs, Ayaan Kitchen is your one-stop destination, ensuring excellence in manufacturing cooking equipment, refrigerators, bakery equipment, and more. Contact Mohammed Abdul Raheem, Customer Support Manager, at 98660 12211 for unparalleled expertise in culinary solutions. Visit to explore their comprehensive range.



In the dynamic landscape of consumer electronics, Tunez emerges as a groundbreaking force, spearheaded by CEO Sai Krishna Putta (SK). Established in 2021, Tunez is redefining the industry with its focus on innovative smart audio accessories and lifestyle products that seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with affordability.

Crafted by a team of experts in marketing, tech, and design, Tunez has a visionary mission: to bridge generational gaps, enhance individual and collective experiences, and empower rural communities. Aligned with India’s Digital India vision, Tunez integrates advanced technology to not only improve lives but also contribute significantly to the nation’s progress.

With a commitment to being the foremost provider of top-tier smart audio accessories and lifestyle products at competitive prices, Tunez boasts a diverse product range, a robust nationwide network, and ambitious global expansion plans. Beyond being a brand, Tunez signifies a lifestyle revolution, poised to lead the charge in smart living. Discover the future of innovation at