Toxic Living
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How to Tackle Toxic Living?

“Too much anxiety” – The term you might be able to relate to quite well. Many know better than to be in a toxic relationship, but we all have moments of pushing away someone close to us. Some find it easier to just break up and move on, while others become entrenched in trying to change the Toxic Living they’ve found themselves wrapped up in. But before you decide if you can change the other person, after all, check out this article for some insight into what makes them tick!

Let go of the old you

In order to let the old you go, there are some things that you should leave in the past. If you’ve never tried something before, yet are trying it now, it’s okay. It’s okay if you’ve only been healthy as long as you’ve been alive. Different paths may make for new and exciting discoveries about yourself. However, when all else fails, read a book on self-discovery or get some help from someone who isn’t afraid to show their own vulnerabilities and history.

What is Toxic Living?

Toxic living is a term that was coined to describe the impact that negative interactions and toxic people have on our daily lives. The entry of toxic people will limit ones ability to make healthier choices because they place demands on you and don’t care how important achieving your own goals and aspirations are. Toxic living is often caused by limiting beliefs, untamed anger, wandering focus and an oversensitive ego.

How to know if something is Toxic Living?

Toxic living is when you try to satisfy your ego through what you do instead of dealing with your life and not letting anything in. Toxic living can be just as hard as struggling with addictions, but it takes a different form. It comes from being addicted to the actions that make us feel good for a moment, even if we can’t feel good about who we are or what we’ve done. If something has been toxic for a long period of time and you haven’t let go of it yet, chances are it’s time to do so.

Change your approach to handling stress

One of the biggest hurdles you’ll encounter when trying to live a mindful, conscious life is dealing with stress. You don’t need to act this way. It’s human nature to want to find ways to relieve our stress and some might believe that letting it go means its gone. However that isn’t the case at all! Letting go is basically changing your approach so you can live an empowered, positive life.

How to break away from toxic living

Toxic living is often complicated, but Dr. Asana believes that broken does not equal shattered. She further emphasizes how it’s important for each individual to identify the ramifications their actions have on the lives of their affiliates (this means friends, family members, and others close to you).


By now, everyone knows that holding on to the past is no way to live, but they might not know what comes next.