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Diwali Carnival 109 was organized for  3 days 3rd ,4 th & 5 th nov 2023 at Conscient One Mall Gurgaon by Aasherwad Consultants

New Delhi- Diwali Carnival 2022  was organized for 3 days at Conscient One Mall. New Delhi- Diwali Carnival 109 was organized with great pomp by Aasherwad Consultants at Conscient One Mall in  109 Sector located in Gurugram. This Diwali Carnival took place in  which many people visited and enjoyed to the fullest with family.

Various types of stalls were set up at Conscient One Mall Carnival in which different types of clothes, types of jewellery, crockery related to Diwali and many more stalls etc.

This time people had a lot of fun in the  3 days carnival. In these two days, live band Dance performance , free drawing competition was organized for the childrens and free Magic show n  puppet show was also organized. Along with this, nail art, tattoo stall was also set up for women and children which was absolutely free.

Mr Manish ,Mr Bikram and his team on behalf of mall supported to make the event successful.

There was a lot of cooperation from Mr. Manish on behalf of the mall management. The carnival 109 was organized by Aasherwad Consultants  and was handled by its founders Anshu Mudgal, and Madhur Sharma. 

Another impressive point of Carnival 109 was Live music band RNR Band with Ricky on Guitar ,Nitin on Drums ,Rahul on base with singer Digvijay  which forced the crowd to tap their feet. People were amazed to see wonderful Dance performance by Raag Rang Studios   under the supervision of Abhishek .
Decoration n production by AS decorators n upturn Realty .
Supporting hands were  n HV media media pvt ltd.
Anchor Yeetu Sharma connected crowd Well

People are looking forward for such events in Conscient one mall and will wait for Carnival 109 next year.
Conscient one mall is designed very nicely with very famous lifestyle brands and Food outlets.

 Aasherwad Consultants organise these types of events regularly under th TVe leadership of Anshu Mudgal, and Madhur Sharma.