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Flotte Eins, Germany announces strategic partnership with CamCom Technologies

Flotte Eins will utilize CamCom’s AI platform to assess vehicle damage.

Flotte Eins is entering into a collaboration with an AI-powered Computer Vision Platform provider, CamCom Technologies, that has developed a solution to digitize the assessment of vehicle damages. The AI software, which is used on mobile devices, allows for the immediate creation of a visual inspection path on the vehicle’s condition.

This collaboration marks the first alliance of a major fleet management service provider in Europe to employ Artificial Intelligence in the process of vehicle damage assessment. The automated vehicle damage assessment provides an unbiased evaluation of the vehicle’s condition, enabling an instant vehicle appraisal with a suggested market price. The visual damage assessment ensures complete transparency – thereby creating comprehensive and impartial transparency for both repair shops and customers.  

Jörg Brand, Managing Director of Flotte Eins, speaking on the collaboration with CamCom Technologies, said: “We at Flotte Eins are very pleased to have CamCom Technologies, an emerging international partner, operating by our side. Moreover, we are proud to be the first fleet management service provider in Europe to utilize Artificial Intelligence in terms of vehicle damage assessment. This not only expands our horizons in damage assessment but also offers new possibilities to repair shops and our customers.”

Geetha Sham, Member of the Board of Directors of CamCom, reinforces the importance of the partnership: “We are proud to collaborate with Flotte Eins and Mr. Brand’s team and their affiliated dealerships to introduce a novel AI technology for vehicle damage assessment. Manual damage inspections are labor-intensive and subjective – slow and prone to errors. With this technology, we eliminate subjectivity and make the business future-proof, enhancing efficiency and enabling easy and comprehensible scalability. We aim to empower Flotte Eins to create a unique digital overview for each serviced vehicle, gaining competitive advantage and increasing customer satisfaction.”

About CamCom: CamCom is an award-winning, industry-agnostic, AI-powered computer vision platform. The company is a pioneer in utilizing AI and related technologies in the visual inspection process. The AI software is mobile deployed and customized for different business requirements. The CamCom Vision Lab is a leading applied technology research that sets new standards. CamCom currently operates in India, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the USA. The company is headquartered in Bangalore, India, with an office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

About Flotte Eins: Flotte Eins (formerly F+SC) is a fleet management company founded in 2006 as a network of exclusive owner-managed VW operations. The aim is to provide holistic support and advice to fleet customers and to guarantee local fleet services nationwide. Flotte Eins owns 5,800 major fleets with 200,000 customers vehicles across Germany. Flotte Eins hold 54 market areas with 78 car dealerships in Germany, with 34 shareholders and 4 service partners.

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