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Oscar Brilliance Meets Golden Excellence, Kartiki Gonsalves to Grace GOLDEN GLOBE HONORS 2023

Kartiki Gonsalves, a trailblazing Indian film director, is set to be honored with the prestigious GOLDEN GLOBE HONORS for her remarkable Directorial Debut, “Elephant Whisperers,” a groundbreaking achievement that etches her name in the annals of cinema history. Her exceptional work has not only won her an Oscar, making her the first Indian film director to achieve this honor, but also positions her as the first Indian woman film director to receive this accolade.

This historic honor acknowledges Kartiki Gonsalves’ exceptional creativity and dedication to her craft. On this special evening, we unite to Celebrate, Honor, and Pledge for global collaboration, recognizing her outstanding contributions. Her journey from Hollywood to India with “Elephant Whisperers” illustrates the impact one can have on a global scale, eloquently conveying the language of coexistence between mankind and our precious planet’s life.

The GOLDEN GLOBE HONORS is a platform dedicated to recognizing and honoring excellence in various domains, with a focus on uplifting remarkable individuals whose work has significantly impacted society. This event aims to unite artists, philanthropists, and influencers who are making a difference on a global scale.

In a noble endeavor, GOLDEN GLOBE HONORS invites India’s elite, high net-worth individuals (HNIs), and privileged members to become Noble Philanthropists at the event. This recognition highlights their steadfast commitment to philanthropy, particularly supporting the Inner Hunger Project. Their charity serves as a beacon of support for education, healthcare, sustainability, and hope, striving to eliminate poverty and create a brighter future.

GOLDEN GLOBE HONORS expresses deep gratitude to its Exclusive Partners and Elite members of the Golden Globe Honors Foundation family, recognizing their unwavering support. Their contributions are instrumental in spotlighting individuals and organizations that are making a substantial positive impact on society.

“I am deeply honoured to have been chosen as the 2023 Golden Globe Honors honoree. Beyond appreciating the recognition of my cinematic talent, it is truly special to be able to celebrate this incredible journey which focused on the beauty of South India’s majestic landscapes, its indigenous people, and the beauty of our intricate yet complicated connection with not just elephants but other living beings that we share our natural spaces with” as expressed by Kartiki Gonsalves, the Oscar Winner.

The GOLDEN GLOBE HONORS event is an exclusive gathering, reserved for distinguished guests who embody the spirit of excellence. The evening promises to be an unforgettable celebration, acknowledging the influence of cinema and artistry on a global stage. Attendees include Noble Philanthropists, Exclusive Partners, and Special Members – the distinguished members of the Golden Globe Honors Foundation family.

“In the spotlight of the Golden Globe Honors 2023, we harness the transformative power of art to Create a world where Biodiversity and sustainability intertwine. With these Honors, we solidify our commitment to inspire a future where creativity and environmental harmony illuminate the path to a brighter world” as quoted by Dr. Bharath Chandran (HC), the Founder and CEO of the GOLDEN GLOBE HONORS FOUNDATION

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