Dr. SP Mishra Shares Insights on Parenting and Professional Growth in an Exclusive Interview with Radio 90.8 FM JECRC University

Jaipur, 14 May, 2024 – Dr. SP Mishra, a renowned figure in the field of Construction Equipment Sector and a celebrated author, recently graced the airwaves of Radio 90.8 FM hosted by JECRC University. In a candid interview, Dr. Mishra shared his profound experiences and insights on parenting, professional development, and the evolving landscape of education and career counselling in India.

Supporting Underrepresented Groups Dr. Mishra recounted his involvement in empowering underprivileged children through counselling sessions in Gujarat. His collaboration with an IIMA student highlighted his commitment to fostering growth and providing guidance to those in need

Professional Journey and Greatest Asset With a rich professional history spanning over 22.5 years, Dr. Mishra’s journey began as a Graduate Engineer Trainee with a German MNC in 1997. His illustrious career saw him rise to the position of National Sales Head for a Product line with a British MNC. Dr. Mishra considers his extensive travel across India and abroad, covering over 100+ towns and cities, as his greatest professional asset. This exposure has broadened his worldview, an aspect he deeply values and attributes to his success.

Responsible Social Media Use and Parenting Strategies In the digital age, Dr. Mishra advises parents to lead by example in responsible social media use. He practices what he preaches, maintaining a zero notification mode on his phone, abstaining from personal social media accounts, and implementing ‘no mobile hours’ at home. These strategies, he believes, will encourage children to adopt responsible habits.

Diverse Family Dynamics and Homeschooling Addressing the nuances of parenting in various family structures, Dr. Mishra shared his perspective on the ideal family size for cognitive development and the implications of homeschooling. While recognizing the benefits, he also pointed out the potential limitations in skill development that homeschooling might entail.

Advice for New Parents and Bridging Generation Gaps For newlywed couples and first-time parents, Dr. Mishra’s advice is simple: embody the values you wish to instill in your children. He acknowledges the inevitability of generation gaps but emphasizes the importance of adapting and learning alongside the new generation.

Technology’s Role in Modern Parenting Dr. Mishra encourages parents to master technology rather than become its slave. He advocates for minimal personal exposure on social platforms and stresses the importance of staying technically updated through online courses or expert guidance.

A Guide for Young Parents: Dr. Mishra’s Book Dr. Mishra’s book, a culmination of his interactions with parents, students, teachers, and personal experiences as a father, serves as a comprehensive guide for young parents navigating the rapidly changing world. The book is structured into ten chapters, each addressing critical aspects of habit building, understanding money, global trends, 21st-century skills, career selection, future opportunities, and the challenges of an aging world.

Implementing Book Insights and the Future of Career Counselling Dr. Mishra assures that the insights and activities presented in his book are practical and have been successfully implemented in his own life. With the increasing need for career guidance among India’s youth, he foresees a significant opportunity for career counselling as a profession.

Dr. SP Mishra’s interview with Radio 90.8 FM JECRC University offered a treasure trove of wisdom for parents, professionals, and educators alike. His perspectives on parenting, professional growth, and the future of education and career counselling in India are not only thought-provoking but also actionable.

About Dr. SP Mishra Dr. SP Mishra is a distinguished professional in the Construction Equipment Sector and an author dedicated to sharing his knowledge and experience to inspire and guide the next generation.

About Radio 90.8 FM JECRC University Radio 90.8 FM is JECRC University’s community radio station, serving as a platform for knowledge sharing and community engagement.