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Exchange4Talent Gears Up for Expansion with $500K Investment and Ambitious Vision

Exchange4Talent, an innovative and pioneering platform dedicated to showcasing talents and artists across over 70 diverse categories, is excited to announce a significant milestone in its remarkable journey. A Singapore based Indian Business man Parag Singh has been an angel investor for Exchange4Talent with Prem Raj Soni & Latish Hiranandani with an investment amount of 500,000 USD. The company is now exploring possibilities and opportunities to raise $5 million to expand its portfolio.

The launch of Exchange4Talent, led by founders Prem Raj Soni and Latish Hiranandani aims to bridge the gap between those looking for talent and up-and-coming artists in the entertainment industry. The application is currently available in the Android version and will soon be launched in the iOS version too.

Building upon the strong foundation, Exchange4talent is excited to unveil its ambitious plans for the second phase of the application’s development. With continued support from stakeholders, the company aims to transform the app into an innovation and engagement hub. The next phase will introduce cutting-edge features designed to elevate the user experience, including live streaming capabilities, integration of Mascot X, an advanced AI persona, and a suite of complementary services.

The funds acquired through equity have been strategically allocated to propel the growth of the company across multiple domains. They have played a crucial role in advancing the development of the revolutionary app, supporting well-executed marketing endeavors, and contributing to a high-impact launch event that captured widespread attention.

“We aim to raise further funding which will be meticulously allocated to craft a holistic user experience. These encompass crucial components such as strategic PR and marketing tactics, adept management of social media platforms, dedicated agent and representative engagement, targeted advertising campaigns, and essential legal consultations. These strategic investments are poised to facilitate diversification of offerings across various sectors and industries,” says Prem Raj Soni, founder, Exchange4Talent.

The company’s vision includes hosting dynamic music festivals, discovering exceptional talent through unique talent hunt shows, curating vibrant art and craft exhibitions, arranging charity events, and spearheading technological expos. These endeavors collectively strive to create an inclusive platform that unites talent from around the globe.

Exchange4Talent stands out from the competition by offering a broad range of subscription plans that are suitable for both new and existing talent. The portal provides free registration and talent watching, as well as a paid subscription model with comprehensive search filters, prioritized customer support, and tailored job alerts.